storm lords Book 4

Only five days to Christmas.

The Reverend Imogen Lockley’s busiest time of year. She thinks she’s prepared for anything, but nothing can prepare her for Devlin Royce.

A long time ago, Devlin was an angel. Then he broke the laws of Heaven and stole the Elixir of Life to save the woman he loved. Caught, he was torn from her arms and cast into the Abyss. There, he became a Storm Lord, a creature of chaos and destruction.

Two thousand years ago, Imogen drank the Elixir of Life. Since then, her soul has been tied to the earth in a perpetual cycle of death and rebirth. And throughout each life she is haunted by memories of a love she cannot remember and a betrayal she can’t forgive.

Now, Devlin has been given one chance to get her back. Or lose her forever. And he has five days to do it. Can he somehow make her see beyond the dark being he has become, to the angel she once loved?


“Wonderful story with characters that are always amazing.. I loved the return of the Stormlords & their wives. The romantic and emotional context was undeniably golden. I recommend to our readers

“This is a Such a fun idea and as a quick festive read this was very entertaining..”

Publisher: Nina Croft

Available in: ebook

Published: November 5, 2018

Price: $0.99

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