Well maybe not all about Nina, but a little bit…

Growing up in the cold, wet, north of England, Nina Croft spent a lot of time huddled under the blankets dreaming of faraway sunnier places and ponies. When she discovered both could be found between the covers of a book, her life changed forever. Soon her horizons expanded to include other galaxies and whole new worlds, monsters, and vampires and then even stranger…love and sex.

At the age of eighteen, in an attempt to turn dreams into reality, she headed south in search of the sun. She quickly picked up the perfect husband along the way, and developed a taste for red wine and holidays in warm places.

Soon holidays weren’t enough, and together they volunteered to work in Africa where they both discovered a love of traveling and a dislike of 9-5 work. Afterward they spent a number of years travelling (whenever possible) intermingled with working (whenever the money ran out.) Eventually they stumbled upon a remote area in the mountains of southern Spain where they bought the small almond farm they now call home.

No electricity, no neighbors, no chocolate shops, but on the plus side, stunning scenery, a vineyard to make her own red wine, and far enough away from anywhere to satisfy Nina’s hermit tendencies. She shares the farm with her husband, and an ever increasing number of animals, including Piggles, a three-legged Vietnamese pot-bellied pig.

Nina now spends her days riding her horse Ragnar under the blue Spanish skies—sunshine and ponies. She reckons this is proof that dreams really can come true if you want them enough.

She still travels, but usually only in her imagination, and can often be found lying under a fig tree, wine in hand, plotting stories of love in faraway places.

Nina believes love can come to anyone, anytime, anywhere and her books reflect this.

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Balancing work and Life…

Ragnar contemplating my plot

Floating in the Med dreaming up plots

Jake still inspiring my plots

Sunrisetime to plot.

Riding with friends and talking about my plot…

Watching the Mules at work while plotting!

A place to relax and to plot…

Riding in the forest, plotting

Piggles doesn’t actually care about my plot

Wine for when the plotting is done