Release me

storm lords Book 3

A thousand years ago, Finn Stanton was given a chance to get back the woman he loved enough to break the laws of Heaven. All he has to do is find her, and all she has to do is say I love you.

Never going to happen.

Having drunk of the Elixir of Life, Rachel Miller’s soul is tied to the earth in a perpetual cycle of death and rebirth. A widow, she lives with her six-year-old son in a strict religious community. She has no memory of the lives she has lived, though she is haunted by a love she can’t remember and a loss she can’t overcome.

Finn has no plans to even look for his wife. He betrayed her once, and the best thing he can do for her now is stay away. But fate has a way of hijacking the best of plans and Finn comes face to face with Rachel. Now he has five days before he loses her forever


“RELEASE ME is an exciting tale of mythology and spirituality; a story of angels, and fallen angels; of one man’s desperate attempts to save the woman that he loves, and of one woman as she blossoms into the beauty she was always meant to be. The premise is intriguing, spell-binding and entertaining; the romance is seductive and intense; the characters are colorful and charismatic.”

“This is a wonderful series and the story of Finn and Rachel is no exception, the author does a great job of hooking you from page one and taking you on a great journey with this characters.”

Publisher: Nina Croft

Available in: ebook

Published: August 27, 2018

Price: $2.99

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