The dragon chronicles

Future Chronicles

Includes A Diversion in Time, a short story set in my Dark Desires world.

Dragons. They are more than a memory from an age of wizards and heroes. These winged, fire-breathing beasts soar through the traditions of many lands, and through our dreams. In their many guises – Western or Eastern, reptile or lizard or serpent, wyvern, hydra, basilisk – dragons embody everything that we humans call magic.

In this volume of the acclaimed ‘Future Chronicles’ anthology series, twelve authors invite you to journey to very different worlds – lands of fire and fury, of legend and lore – but all worlds where dragons roam unshackled from myth, freed from the imagination, and real.


“Nina Croft’s “A Diversion in Time” – Angel is a shape-shifting young stowaway upon a spaceship from the future lands on earth in 2015 seemingly by accident. Aboard is a time-traveling dragon (!) Kronus, has a special mission for Angel. In the process, he learns more about himself and what kind of man he wants to be. The uniqueness of this adventure mashes up several different genres, combined with the time-twistiness that’s used inventively here, is very entertaining and was just a pure delight to read.” ~Chris F.

“A Diversion in Time by Nina Croft, I liked this story, it was cool. Dragon tale with a mix of sci-fi, awesome!” ~ Sneha

Publisher: Windrift Books

Available in: ebook, paperback

Published: April 30, 2015

Ebook Price: $3.99

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