The Robot Chronicles

Future Chronicles

Robots. Androids. Artificial Intelligence. Scientists predict that the “singularity” — the moment when mankind designs the first greater-than-human intelligence — is nearly within our grasp. Believe it or not, truly sentient machines may be a reality within as little as 20 years.

Will these “post-human” intelligences be our friends? Our servants? Our rivals? What will we learn from them? What will they learn from us? Will we allow them to lead their own lives? Will they have basic human rights? Will we?

Science and society will be forced to address these questions sooner than you think. But science fiction is addressing these questions today. In THE ROBOT CHRONICLES, thirteen of today’s top sci-fi writers explore the approaching collision of humanity and technology.


“My favorite part of this anthology (other than the short by Nina Croft) is after each story the author lets you in on the creative process that spawned the particular story It makes each into something shared between you and the author.” ~AvidReader

“Nina Croft’s “Ethical Override” – Senior Homicide Detective Harper gets a late night call to investigate an extremely high profile case but gets told by a mysterious informant that she needs to rule it a suicide, offering a supremely tempting bribe if she does. As she continues to investigate, it becomes deliciously clear as all the facts are unspooled, it makes a statement about how society needs to conform to a higher ethical standard of behavior. Not just for the sake of mankind though, but also with the assistance of robots who can help encourage this behavior. A true mystery yarn where nothing is at seems and you’ll never guess how or why it’s all happening.” ~ Chris F.

Publisher: Windrift Books

Available in: ebook, paperback

Published: September 18, 2015

Ebook Price: $3.99

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