Bittersweet christmas

the order Book 4

Orphan Liam Ryan isn’t asking for much this Christmas–just his Uncle John. And he’s counting on Father Christmas to find a way to make that happen.

But when Father Christmas tosses Liam’s letter, claiming that the kid is asking the impossible, his daughter, Winter, takes over. Half-pixie, Winter, longs to do something important with her life, starting with getting a job at the Order of the Shadow Accords, the organization that polices the supernatural world. When she discovers Liam’s uncle works for the Order, it seems like fate.

Savaged by werewolves and bitten by a vampire, no one knows what to expect of John

Ryan, but it won’t be anything good. So there’s no way he’s getting involved with his nephew…or anyone else. Worse, he’s getting a babysitter over the holidays. But when he meets irrepressible Winter, all that matters is whether she likes her guys to be naughty or nice….


An engaging, romantic, and suspenseful story. Good for getting in a Christmas mood!” -Marisela L. Goodreads

This is the perfect addition to The Order series and only makes me crave more!” -Rachel H., NetGalley 

“I really loved this novella, it was such a fun read!” -Heather A., NetGalley

Strong characters, great world building and a gripping storyline, made this a thoroughly engaging read.” -Karem R., Goodreads

“This book was very short but sweet. It was a cute, fluffy kind of story. Of course, with it being for Christmas, everyone gets their happily ever after. Take a small time and read this book if you want something to just warm your insides.” -Angela C.  NetGalley

“This was a cute read! I really enjoyed the sweet story and the characters as well.. The fantasy aspect was pretty cool too, I look forward to reading more!” -Shooting Stars Reviews

“This was a cute little holiday read. I haven’t read any of the other books in the series, and I think it holds up fine as a quick standalone. I found it to be well written and well paced. The plot was engaging and intrigued me enough that I will be checking out the other books in the series!” -Eve R. Goodreads

Publisher: Entangled

Available in: ebook, paperback

Published: November 27, 2017

Ebook Price: $0.99

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