the darkness

Daughters of the Morrigan book 2

All magic has a price. And now the balance is overdue.

A witch with the power to see the future, Gina led a sheltered existence until the vampire, Darius Cole, crashed into her life, abducting her, seducing her, forging an emotional bond between them. Then circumstances tore them apart and the bond faded. Until twenty-one years later when they are drawn together to save their daughter.

But while their passion is rekindled and the bond renewed, Gina can offer Darius nothing, and she feels his bitterness and the Darkness within him, threatening to take control. Only she has the power to draw him back, but how can she when her very life is forfeit?


“Great read with twists you don’t see coming!”

The premise is fast paced and inviting; the romance is passionate; the characters struggle to move on from the past.

This is a truly well written heart wrenching compelling book.

Publisher: Nina Croft

Available in: ebook

Published: April 1, 2019

Price: $0.99

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