taking control

Babysitting a billionaire book 3

Why play nice when you can be naughty?

 Jessica Bauer is aces when it comes to security, but the PR side? Not so much. Now she has a chance to take over Knight Securities―if she plays nice with the next client. Unfortunately, that client happens to be Declan McCabe. And it’s too bad someone wants him dead, because after he broke her heart ten years ago, Jessica would have cheerfully murdered him herself.

Declan has taken his dad’s not-so-reputable company and turned it around, and in the process, he’s attracted the attention of some vicious killers. The only perk is being reunited with Jessica, who Declan still wants so much he can barely see straight. But Jessica has a plan of her own. She’ll protect Declan. She’ll have unbelievably hot sex with him.  And when the job is finished, she’ll move on. Except that this time, Declan isn’t so willing to walk away…


“this is one read you definitely want on your kindle this Christmas to warm you up…” — Kiwi Book Nerd

“I always enjoy Nina Croft’s novels, and TAKING CONTROL is no exception.” — Lisa Annsley

“Wow what a rollercoaster filled with love, passion , longing and lots of forgiveness.” — Sandra

Publisher: Entangled

Available in: ebook, paperback, audio

Published: December 15, 2014

Ebook Price: $2.99

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