Heart’s awakening

heart of fire book 1

At sixteen, Jenna lost everything, her best friend, her parents, and finally her beloved childhood home. And for twelve years, she has dreamed of regaining the happiness she knew there. Now she discovers the house is to be sold to a developer and will be lost forever. She has one last chance to make her dreams come true—she must return to Middleton Manor and find the Heart of Fire, a valuable family heirloom lost 600 years ago. She’s going undercover.

Kieran bought the house on a whim. As a child, his gypsy mother came here every summer to work. It was here he fell in love for the first and only time, with Jenna, the daughter of the house, and his fairytale princess. But Jenna is long gone, and it’s time to sell up and finally put the past behind him.
Jenna believes her happiness lies in bricks and mortar. Kieran in moving on. But perhaps with a little help they can discover their true hearts’ desires, and together regain the magic of the past.


“This was a very entertaining book, the characters interactions felt so real you could easily envision standing in the room watching them (except for the steamy scenes of course). It was so easy to get sucked into the storyline, I definitely recommend it!” ~ Kindle customer

Publisher: Nina Croft

Available in: ebook

Published: December 2, 2015

Price: $0.99