A Diversion in Time

Dark Desires book 6.5

At last there is peace in the Universe. But some people just aren’t interested in peace, so once the dust has settled, the crew of the Blood Hunter set off in search of a little excitement. They are heading back to Earth and going back in time.

Along for the ride, are a couple of stowaways. Angel, a young werewolf in search of adventure, and Kronus, an ancient dragon, seeking to regain the power his people once wielded.

But when things don’t go entirely as planned, can the two overcome their differences and help each other find what they are looking for?

Note: A DIVERSION IN TIME, is a short story set in the Dark Desires world and takes place just after book 6, Flying Through Fire. At this time it’s not for sale. You can get a copy by dropping me a line through the contact form.


A convoluted, but wonderful tale of travel through time, the capricious personality of dragons who have their own agendas, in spite of efforts to control them. There is love and chance meetings and danger and narrow escapes, and finally a learned lesson about the nature of what messing with time can throw at you.

I liked this story, it was cool. Dragon tale with a mix of sci-fi, awesome!

“…very entertaining and was just a pure delight to read.

Publisher: Nina Croft

Available in: ebook

Published: July 30, 2018

Price: Free