Dark Desires origins book 3

Malpheas is one of the most powerful demons from Earth, but when he wakes up from cryo on the other side of the galaxy, he notices something is wrong—he’s human. Oh, hell no. In order to get his powers back, he must remove the sigil on his arm by carrying out three good deeds. But acts of kindness aren’t exactly his strong suit. Working undercover as a security officer investigating a suspicious death, he’s assigned to work with Hope, the most softhearted woman he’s ever met. If she can’t teach him how to be good, no one can.

Hope is in a pot of trouble, and if anyone finds out what she did, that pot would quickly boil over. She just needs to lay low until she can figure out a way to fix this mess. But when she’s ordered to show Mal the ropes and introduce him to everyone, sorting out her problems becomes impossible. Mal is sexy as sin, broody as hell, and believes she can help him change his bad-boy ways. Fine. If that keeps him from discovering her ties to the rebellion, she’ll teach him how to be a perfect angel.

As they work together, though, it becomes clear that Hope isn’t the only one with a hidden agenda, and their irresistible attraction to each other just adds fuel to the fire. When secrets are exposed, they must make the impossible choice between doing what’s right and doing what’s necessary.

Light meets dark, good meets evil…and love can hurt like Hell.


I truly enjoy dropping into this universe of supernatural spacefarers.” -Nikki’s Book Nook 

“Its no secret that the Dark Desires series is my favourite sci fi read with its futuristic edge combined with paranormal creatures who constantly surprise. There’s always action to round off the romance.” -Literal Addiction 

I had the best time reading and can’t wait to read more about this crew.” -Rose Reads 

Nobody does sexy sci-fi romance like Nina Croft!” -Between the Pages Blog

“I’ve been reading this series and it has a lot of twist and turn. Love the characters especially the vampire Rico. Loved it from beginning to end.” -Maria Itliong

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Available in: ebook, Paperback, Audio

Published: October 11, 2021

Ebook Price: $3.99

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