Dark Desires origins book 2

Brave new world or the same old crap?

Warlock Milo Velazquez has always dreamed of a day when “monsters” like him don’t have to hide in the shadows. Now, on a planet far from Earth, he’s hoping the old prejudices have been left behind. Though from what he’s seen so far—not a chance.

Their new leader could make life a living hell for Milo and the other immortals illegally transported across the galaxy. Under cover, he scopes out the threat, but he never expected to find a beautiful woman locked in a cell underground. He should ignore her and focus on his mission, but instead he sets her free.

Milo has met all kinds, paranormal creatures and humans, in his centuries of life, but Destiny is like nothing he’s ever encountered before. She’s flawless, and strangely naïve, though she can spout off facts like a walking encyclopedia. He isn’t sure who—or what—she is, or why someone so innocent would be a prisoner.

All he knows is Destiny is different…and finding out why could be their only hope for survival


Our favourite space-faring paranormals are back!” -Nikki’s book Nook

 “This is such an intriguing book.  I was at times grinning others grimacing in disgust at the evil of some men.  Well written with great world building I recommend this one.” -Karen F., NetGalley

 “Such a fabulous concept and so very original.” -David C., Goodreads 

“The character development is outstanding, little bits and pieces of information arriving at odd times to form a complete picture of the characters. A captivating story with vampires, shifters, and magic that is well written and keeps you interested from start to finish.” -P.L., Goodreads 

“From the beginning Deception grabbed my attention. Just when I thought I knew what will happen some event changed that prediction. The story is full of twists, turns and surprises. It is a character driven story so that as their emotions played across the pages mine followed suit.” -Paula W., Goodreads

 “This had action and mystery and romance and magic… yes!!! I liked Destiny and most of the side characters but… Milo… he’s my baby. I loved him. He had the sass that I love in my characters. I adored him. Again, this book was so good. I fully recommend it.” -Mag D., NetGalley

 “It’s quirky, fun, and an easy read. I enjoyed the unusual storyline with its mix of paranormal but set in a scifi setting.” -Kristin C., NetGalley

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Available in: ebook, Paperback, Audio

Published: November 23, 2020

Ebook Price: $3.99

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